Landscaping designer, landscape planning and maintenance consultant



  • Individuals and professionals: balconies, terraces, patios and gardens
  • Public properties
  • Permanent and ephemeral: shows, weddings, exhibitions, parades, shootings, window shopping, evenings




The company’s policy is to ensure quality work regardless of the space in question and the cost involved.

Discretion and confidentiality are important. From contact, through your wishes, requests and expectations to the realisation of your project no matter what it is, we are committed to discretion. The information about you and the projects are safely stored in my database.

Qualified landscapers at your disposal.

In this quality approach, the requirement is rigorous. The landscapers are carefully recruited and they are qualified.


Meet your needs and respect your budget.

I carefully study your requests after one or more appointments. Whether it is maintenance or design, a precise study is carried out. The quotes are detailed so as to arrive at a proposal that will meet your expectations while respecting your budget.

Opinions and references:

Opinions :

Since the company was established in 2009 to its change of status in January 2013, many customers trust us and some testify in the guestbook. Your opinions are important to us and to our future clients. Feel free to send us your comments.

References :

  • The Arab World Institute
  • Restaurants in Paris
  • Jardin de particulier in Meudon for the realisation of a French short film
  • Condominiums
  • Medical office in Clamart
  • Ready-to-wear boutique
  • Hotel in Arcueil
  • Company in Boulogne Billancourt